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How To Set Up A Campsite With A Cool Camping Space

  Look for relatively high and level terrain . There is some truth to the saying “tall and dry.” You should never set up your tent on a slope, or you will find yourself rolling out of your sleeping bag all night. You also don’t want to set up your camp on low ground, or you could have flooding problems if it rains.   Find a water source nearby .   Water is essential for camping. You will need it for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. You don’t want to have to walk far with a five-gallon container. Some campgrounds have water pumps, either at each campsite or an easy hike. But if you are camping in the country, you will want to know the lay of the land before you go and look for rivers and streams where you can get water. Bring a water purifier and chlorine tablets if you plan to go this route. Enjoy further markdowns on  TUI Discount Codes .      Choose a safe area to cook .     When it comes to a campfire, you need to be very careful. Locate a flat area, away fro